FREEWAY KNIGHTS Will Be There Rain OR Shine

FREEWAY KNIGHTS MC  Road Trip Hwy 20 – 2010

FREEWAY KNIGHTS Motorcycle Club was started in Monrovia CA as a traveling motorcycle club. Our motto is if there is a place to go THE FREEWAY KNIGHTS are bound to show up, rain or shine. We are all born with a wanderlust in our hearts and a need to ride our bikes, we ride to promote togetherness and we are bound by the honor of our club, Once A Knight Always, A Knight.

On a short rides we like nothing better than to have lunch at some biker bar/venue  listen to a live band with out a care in the world and have fun before heading back home. We also love to have weekend rides away or even the whole week away traveling on roads like the Loneliest Road in America  showing uncommon fortitude and courage by facing the unknown without flinching our thirst for adventure has catapulted us into the ranks of those who proudly proclaim that they are True Adventurers and Wanderers of the Open Road.

Fortes Fortua Adiuvant

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